In nature, mold helps decompose organic materials. In the home, mold compromises the integrity of your property and puts the occupants at risk for health problems. Follow these tips to prevent mold growth in your home.

Prevent Mold Growth by Reducing Moisture

Mold thrives in damp environments. Help prevent mold growth by inspecting for damp areas and watch for issues that could produce excess moisture. A leaky refrigerator may contribute to mold growth. Check your water tank and crawl spaces for leaks as well. Invest in dehumidifiers for bathrooms or damp basement spaces. Consider purchasing a humidity monitor. The ideal indoor humidity level for a home is around 45 percent.

Good Ventilation Helps Prevent Mold Growth

Another effective way to prevent mold growth is to make sure your home is properly ventilated. Open the windows when the outdoor temperature allows. For the best indoor air circulation, make sure that HVAC vents aren’t blocked. Make it a habit to turn on the ventilation fans when showering and cooking to reduce humidity in the home.

Address Water Problems as Soon as Possible

A single leaking pipe in your home can cause mold growth. Hidden leaks may go undetected and contribute to mold issues. Have a plumber inspect your pipes regularly to catch potential problems early on. Keep your roof in good condition to stay a step ahead of leaks. Roof defects put your home in danger of mold growth, electrical damage, and even pest infestations. Clean your gutters often and make sure that rainwater is flowing away from your home.

Have Your Home Tested for Mold

To best understand potential mold issues, have your home tested. If mold is found, a professional inspector can use thermal imaging to help detect the source of moisture. A professional will highlight problem areas in your home and can offer mold remediation advice.

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