Thermal imaging is a technology that some home inspectors use when performing a home inspection. If you’re a homeowner or buyer who’s looking to get a home inspected, you may have seen references to this tool on inspection websites. Thermal imaging in home inspections provides many benefits, including the ability to detect serious issues in the home.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging In Home Inspections

A thermal imaging camera shows how much thermal energy an object emits. This gives a trained inspector insight into the condition of a material or if a system is working properly. When an inspector uses thermal imaging in home inspections, he or she can discover problems that are hidden from the naked eye.

What Can Thermal Imaging Detect?

When you use thermal imaging in home inspections, it can detect a variety of important issues, including electrical problems, moisture, insulation problems, leaks, and drafts.

Energy Efficiency Issues

If a home is not energy efficient, you’ll end up spending more money trying to heat and cool it every year. Thermal imaging can reveal issues with insulation, cracks in windows and exterior doors, and other issues that can hinder your home’s energy efficiency.

Electrical Problems

Thermal imaging in home inspections can also detect problems with your electrical wiring that could be a fire hazard. Thermal imaging may uncover hot spots in your electrical wiring, which are dangerous if left unchecked.

Moisture In the Home

Moisture in the home often goes unnoticed until you detect visible leaks or water damage. Thanks to thermal imaging in home inspections, you can see moisture and hidden leaks early before water damage occurs.

Moisture appears in a thermal imaging scan as an unusual colder spot. If your home inspection reveals a mold issue, thermal imaging can help determine the source of the mold more quickly than you could on your own.

Choose Thermal Imaging Next Time You Need a Home Inspection

Buying a new home is a big decision, so learning all you can from the home inspection is important. Thermal imaging is a useful tool in the home inspection process. Choose a home inspector who uses thermal imaging in home inspections to get the most information about your home’s condition.

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