With the right tools, many simple household tasks can be handled by the average homeowner. It’s well worth the initial investment to have a selection of useful tools around the house. Luckily, the five tools every homeowner should have can be conveniently stored in a basic toolbox.

1. One of the Tools Every Homeowner Should Own: a Hammer

Whether you are hanging pictures, fixing a loose banister, or looking to safely remove old nails, there are many household projects that can be crossed off your to-do list if you have a hammer handy. A good choice for most household jobs is a solid, 16-ounce steel hammer with a straight claw. These claw hammers come with wood, glass-fiber, steel, or rubber-grip handles.

2. A Tape Measure

A sturdy tape measure is one of the tools every homeowner should have simply because there are so many household tasks or DIY projects that require accurate measurements. A 25-foot tape measure should suffice. Get one that can be locked into place when you’ll need to measure without someone around to hold the other end.

3. Screwdrivers are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Screwdrivers make the list of tools every homeowner should have. The two basic ones you’ll need are a flat-head and a Philips-head screwdriver. Another option is a 4-in-1 screwdriver that has interchangeable heads. Consider adding a set of small screwdrivers to your toolkit if you know you’ll need to adjust electronics, open battery compartments, or make repairs to your eyeglasses.

4. Pliers

Most people opt for needle-nose pliers since they are often used for many household projects, but there are other types of pliers that should be in your tool arsenal too. Heavy, grooved pliers, for instance, are better for getting stubborn nails out, while wire-cutting pliers are nice for wiring work. Linesman’s pliers are perfect for many electrical household jobs, but tongue-and-groove and locking pliers are better choices for pipe-related work.

5. A Cordless Drill With Bits

Hanging pictures, installing curtain rods, putting together furniture, and making pilot holes for nails and screws are just some of the uses for a cordless drill. Many homeowners prefer cordless drills to corded ones because they are convenient and portable. Keep a spare battery handy in case your drill runs out of power mid-project. You’ll also want a wide assortment of bits so you can quickly switch depending on the task.

Once you have these essential tools every homeowner should have, personalize your tool collection with other items you’ll use on a regular basis. To be prepared for projects, stock up an assortment of nails, screws, and bolts so you won’t have to stop mid-project for a trip to the local hardware store.

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