Buying a home is a time-consuming process. Communication with your real estate agent, your lender, and the escrow officer is essential. You will need to review disclosures, documents, and reports. It is a hectic time; don’t overlook the fact that, as a buyer, you also need to order a home inspection. That are many benefits to having your new house assessed by a professional. Here are five reasons for homebuyers to order an inspection.

1. Order a Home Inspection to Learn About Needed Repairs

In some homes, costly problems are hidden or not obvious at first glance. For example, the roof may be leaking or failing, but the damage is not yet noticeable inside the home. A home inspector will look in the attic and inspect all aspects of the roofing. He or she will be able to tell you if the roof needs to be replaced or if it requires repair work.

2. Learn About Safety Issues With a Home Inspection

Order a home inspection to learn about potential safety issues. Safety is a concern, especially when families are moving into a new home. Areas that the inspector will note are firewalls in the garage, smoke detectors, and pool alarms and latches. Other features will also be reported on, like radon mitigation systems and handrails in stairways.

3. Check the Home’s Systems

Another reason home buyers should order a home inspection is so that they know about any defective features. If something is not functional, you can negotiate for repairs or for a reduced price on the property. A professional home inspector will verify that the major systems are working, like the heating and air conditioning. He or she will also look at the smaller appliances like the dishwasher and garbage disposal. The inspector will even note the functionality of light switches and electrical outlets.

4. Order a Home Inspection for an Unbiased, Professional Opinion

Your home inspector is a professional who will deliver a comprehensive inspection report with a thorough analysis of the home. When you tour the home, your real estate agent may share their opinions on the house. However, buyers should request an inspection in order to get accurate, unbiased information about the property from a professional home inspector.

5. An Inspection Provides Peace of Mind

Once you have moved in and the dust has settled, you’ll have peace of mind that you made a good decision. New issues may develop over time, but you’ll know you bought the home knowing its true condition because you chose to order a home inspection. There are many steps to buying a home. A home inspection report will help you with your decision.

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